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Integrity, Quality, Friendliness and Reliability are in the very foundation that we are built upon. We strive to deliver much more, standing on those foundation stones. Our highly motivated skilled team delivers quality guaranteed, friendly and Reliable service each and every-time putting our Clients at ease. SATHSINDU SOLUTIONS Ai. , Holds the key to your imagination, we strive to unlock tremendous possibilities in seeing things in a new perspective. Closing to be a decade old Company with a dedicated team of professionals who understands outdoor branding and visual communication is at your disposal. We have successfully handled many corporate brands both Local and International adding strength to our vivid portfolio. SATHSINDU SOLUTIONS Ai.’s listens and delivers the imagination with-in, keeping to the deadlines always. Our own work remains a cha ledge to us, and we surpass the Clients expectation every single time winning them again and again. At SATHSINDU SOLUTIONS Ai., Visual Developments, Materiel selections, Processing, Transportation are few of the divisions that works hand in hand to deliver the best in the tasks entrusted, no matter how big or small they are. SATHSINDU SOLUTIONS Ai.’ will always be your partner in Progress…

Let us positively surprise you with our knowledge and experience in Outdoor Advertising & Visual Communications.



  • Large Format 1440 DPI, 300 High Resolution Digital Printing (Flex | Pvc | Synthetic | One Way Vision | Clear)
  • Showroom Branding (From Interior Designing Level to Final Production Stage)
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Hoardings
  • Name Boards & Dealer Boards
  • SS | Acrylic Illuminated Signatures
  • Exhibition Stalls (From Designing Level to Final Production Stage)
  • MDF | Acrylic Product Displays
  • Total Event Productions
  • Creative Advertising Solutions for Client’s Requirements

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Colombo – Sri Lanka.


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